Can mt3TM Help Grow Your Business? 

We’re In Your Corner

MT3 is a truly unique company in the global market, as it owns both the production facilities needed for mass order fulfillment and an advanced e-commerce platform that greatly simplifies ordering procedure. Thanks to its flexible business model, mt3 technology can partner with retail companies from around the world and support them by delivering a range of customized products at amazing prices.


Global Fulfillment Services Leader

No matter where you are located, whether it is drop shipping or custom bulk printing of mobile phone cases mt3 is only a click away. Our online customization tool allows clients to create new products without having to invest resources on machines/software. Just let us know what you want, and the rest is up to us.

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Product Range

Customized/Personalized mobile phone cases are our most popular products, with more than 150 models from various brands supported. We offer mobile blank cases as well as print on demand services globally.

The machines used for the reliable mt3 printing process are state-of-the-art, so all products leaving our lines are of certified quality.

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Your Vision is Our Priority

The company is specialized for technical expertise, while our clients have the freedom to optimize the design to fit their own business objectives. Our employees are prepared to work around the clock to produce customized items that will draw a lot of attention in the marketplace.

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Product Range

Slim Blank Cases for 150+ models

Apple & Samsung Tough Cases

Clear Cases in over 150+ models

Real Wood Laser Engraved Cases

At mt3, we are passionate about quality and are committed to deliver the best. We are the world’s first company to design and develop tooling for over 150+ models premium quality blank mobile & tablet cases. Our cases come in matte, glossy, clear, silver gloss and pearl finish. All our products are manufactured under ISO 9000 conditions in Asia, US and Europe.

The Benefits of mt3™:

  1. Our easy-to-use platform offers you state-of-the-art e-commerce and industry-leading manufacturing techniques and inexpensive shipping.  
  2. With no stock inventory, there is little risk - and you can focus on generating sales while the manufacturing and logistics of delivery are all taken care of. Reap the Rewards of the mt3™ Easy e-Commerce Solution

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  • No inventory  
  • No risk  
  • High profit margins
  • Global fulfillment – local delivery
  • High volume, fast turn around time
  • Quality assurance
  • Ongoing 24/7 customer support  
  • A growth oriented business