Quality Standards

mt3™ cases are made of high-grade thermoplastics which are ISO and RoHS compliant.

We have specially selected plastics which are so durable they are approved for use in aircraft construction.

We use environmentally friendly plastics and ensure we always responsibly recycle any waste materials from the production process.

Mobile Blank Cases

Our range of 150+ models of cell phone cases are made from premium quality polycarbonate and are available in different finishes including: matte, glossy, clear, pearl and silver.

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We use thermoplastic materials when producing our jigs, which enables a uniform heating across the polycarbonate case for pixel-perfect printing.

Radiant Rainbow of inks

Our Radiance inks provide TrueColor, retina-quality results, and are manufactured following the highest quality standards in both Europe and the United States.

Ever Wear Film

The Ever Wear film we use in the production process was developed after extensive research. All our media is produced in our ISO-standard facilities.

Rigorous Testing

We adhere strictly to quality control standards to prevent wasted resources or compromised customer service.

All products undergo rigorous tests, including:

  • Impact testing
  • Fit and function testing
  • Abrasion resistance testing
  • Warping testing
  • Temperature and humidity testing
  • Coating thickness testing
  • Cross hatch adhesion testing
  • Friction resistance testing

High Quality Products

We are truly passionate about providing the highest possible quality at mt3™. From the initial order through to the final product, we work tirelessly to give you the best experience possible.

We meet or exceed every industry standard with every single component of our process and every single material we use.

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Our Ethical Approach to Business Means a Bright Future

Our corporate responsibly goes far beyond the final product. We closely monitor every worldwide manufacturer and supplier who we work with to ensure they absolutely never use child labour or expose any workers to unsafe conditions.

mt3™ is an environmentally focused company and maintains strict policies to promote sustainable practices using recyclable materials whenever possible.

We work tirelessly to constantly reduce our carbon footprint to contribute to a cleaner, greener earth.

We’re Here To Make You Happy

When you’re the best, the bar keeps getting higher.

We constantly embrace this challenge to continually exceed the expectations of everyone we work with.

Our manufacturing systems and processes yield in excess of 96%, meaning we can deliver fast and reliable products without the complications and effect on your business, that a high number of defects can cause.

Value for Money

Our high-quality mobile blank cases allow you to consistently and quickly achieve ROI while getting the benefits of fast turnaround times and rapid shipments in peak seasons. All while avoiding the financial risks of holding a large inventory. Because of this, many of our partners receive gross margins in excess of 50%.

We offer volume pricing and flexible payment terms to help you meet your own business goals.

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Meeting Global Safety Standards

We want you to feel confident that everything you are selling meets global health and consumer safety regulations.

We invest heavily in the quality and safety of our products and always meet relevant REACH and ROH requirements, and maintain our TUV qualification.

We Know Our Solutions Inside Out

mt3™ isn’t afraid to stand behind our work.

We always guarantee the quality and performance of our cases, as well as the platforms and systems we supply you to operate your business.
Each of the cutting-edge solutions we use has been developed in-house, so we know everything about them.

Resellers lack the insight into the production process we have, which makes it almost impossible for them to guarantee their results like we can.

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mt3™ Approved – Our Stamp of Quality

The products we produce are of the highest level and meet worldwide quality standards.
When we manufacture a product we give it the mt3™ approved stamp of quality. This is so you know it meets the high standards we set ourselves in everything we do.