Fulfilment Services

mt3™ supplies bespoke, personalized cell phone cases for a wide range of customers. Whether you're an Etsy seller, a photographer, run photo gift apps and/or sites, an artist, a start-up entrepreneur or even a large business. 
In fact, we cater for anyone who wants to supply first class products, but prefers to concentrate on marketing, not manufacturing.

Your Instant Store

The Your Store solution is our white-label web-based shop front where you can take advantage of our world-class retail platform, including the Your Design Studio – our on demand 3D solution allowing you to create beautifully designed products before ordering.

We're dedicated to offering the highest level of service to you and your customers. From the moment an order is received, our dedicated team ensure every element runs smoothly – from creating the item(s) to packaging, posting and final delivery. 

Why Hold Stock?

By choosing our retail platform, you'll benefit from a service that not only offers your customers a uniquely designed product, but one where you don't hold large amounts of stock in an inventory. 

We offer a high quality print-on-demand business model, with no minimum order. You can even choose to only pay for one of your designs to be made when you have a paid-for order from a customer.

A Business Model That Gives The Highest Profit Margins

Since we don’t have a minimum order quantity, whether you want a single case or if you need hundreds, we ensure your orders are fulfilled every time. 

We provide an on-demand, personalized service 24/7 365 to ensure you and your customer's experience is as memorable as possible.

On-Demand Phone Case Design

We use our own exclusive mt3™ D10 Series machine, which  creates photo-realistic images up to 300ppi. This gives you an exact one:one match of the design you crafted using Your Design Studio on your screen to the actual printed case you receive. 

  • This cutting-edge machine wraps your artwork around the entire case - actually embedding it within the plastic itself rather than printing on top of the casing.
  • No fading, no rubbing off, no scratches - cases produced by mt3™ are always protected by a layer of plastic ensuring whatever wear and tear our busy lives may throw at them, these designs continue to look pristine.

Laser Marking

As well as creating a 3D decorated case with any image or design on demand, we offer the option to include laser marking on the inside of the cases. This allows you to have your company logo laser marked on the inside of all of your custom designed cases. 

This provides you the opportunity to grow your brand in a distinct way. Differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and build your own brand identity with your customers. 

Customized packaging and worldwide shipping options

Fast, reasonably-priced shipping is vital for your business to succeed – and boy have we got you covered every step of the way.

We offer cost-effective packaging which is both inexpensive to produce and ship – and easily recycled. Our customized shipping boxes are reasonably priced and include tracking as standard.

Any special shipping requirements can be met as can requests for customer shipping accounts. 

We have partners around the world who can offer country and regional shipping options. With 40 fulfillment centres across the world we aim to exceed your delivery expectations.

White-Label and Branded Packaging

Along with the ordered product we can include coupons, flyers, stickers, or any other printed material you want your customers to receive. This ensures the product looks just like it came direct from you.

Fast shipping is critical to making sales – and retaining customer loyalty and positive feedback. We make sure our clients and their customers always get the fastest shipping options at the lowest possible cost. 

Your Profit Calculator

Our offer to you includes the Your Profit calculator - a price and profit estimator letting you know exactly how much a product costs you to make, and what your profit margin is on the retail price paid by your customers.